Profound knowledge, an understanding the business requirements and unmatched expertise make abc your reliable and seasoned business partner.Our experience cuts across diverse industry sectors and this has equipped our team with strong academic and analytical skills combined with sharp legal acumen.
We have harnessed the business of various multi-nationals and major, medium & small enterprises in India. Presently,the projects for sourcing spacecrafts (for Department of Space, Government of India), water desalination plants, high-way and railway projects, setting up of SEZs & EOUs and "related persons" transaction approvals are among the assignments in progress.
The Department exposure makes our diagnosis perfect and our prescription specific. We maintain utmost confidentiality while safeguarding and promoting our client's interest. abc has legal, banking, audit and market experts and analysts in its fold.
Our services are tailored to specific client needs, having regard to your brief, strategy and business profile. Our objective is to make you harvest the full potential of your business and to make it dance to your tunes.